My first full day in Phuket was dedicated to checking out the beaches in Phuket. So in the morning I went to Kata Noi beach close to the resort where I was staying. It’s a nice and clean beach lined with many luxury resorts. It was sparsely crowded with honeymooners amd families and thankfully enough,  no Indians (I love my countrymen, I do; but did not want Kata Noi to look like Juhu beach!). I swam a little and was surprised how strong the waves were in this area. The trek back to the hotel was a long and tiring uphill climb.

By noon I went to Kata Beach, which is just north of Kata Noi, on a shuttle operated by the hotel. Kata beach was slightly more touristy and also had some water-sport activities on offer. I had been wanting to do paragliding for some time now  and finally got to do that in Kata. It was exhilarating dangling from a rope, high in the air, connected to a speedboat with great views of the beach and the hills in Phuket.

After some more swimming in the ocean,  I had a sumptuous meal of Thai curry rice at a beach restaurant.

Back in my hotel by 3pm, I caught up on some much-needed sleep. Later, I decided to check out the facilities the hotel had to offer. There was an infinity pool overlooking Kata Noi beach,  so I decided to do what you’re supposed to do in a beach town – swim some more!

In the evening I went to Karon beach area for a much needed massage. I rented a scooty and it was good fun riding in the streets of Phuket – the mobility allows you the freedom of going wherever you want without worrying about exorbitant taxi fares.

Late evening I went back to the hotel and finally met my friend Jaitly (well, his name is Nikhil but I call him Jaitly since it feels weird calling out someone with your own name),  who had been in Phuket for almost a week with his wife Evaa and other friends.

We decided to go to a night food market to try out the famous Thai street food. There were many food stalls offering everything from simple chowmein to crocodile meat! They also had the so called ‘fried’ ice-cream,  which is made in an interesting manner using butcher knives on a cold stone.

A trip to Phuket is incomplete without a visit to the tourist hub of Patong and the infamous Bang La Road,  which is a walking street comprising of many bars, strip clubs and massage parlours. I went there with Jaitly later in the night and man, were we scandalized!

New Experiences:

  1. Paragliding
  2. Swimming in an infinity pool

Food trail:

The famous banana pancake,  fried ice cream,  pork ribs,  awesome noodles at the night market (near Patong).

Day 2 pictures

Next up: Phi Phi

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