Phi Phi

Phi Phi Islands

Today was reserved for a full day tour to Phi Phi islands from Phuket.  We went on a speed boat from one island to another and stopped over at the beautiful Maya bay (of the movie “the Beach”  fame),  Phi Phi Don (for lunch), Phi Phi Leh to see the blue lagoons and the limestone caves, and Kahi island.

The tour was a great experience barring one major setback. My Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone got exposed to sea water and stopped working! Needless to add, I was annoyed and in panic but decided to try and have it fixed in Singapore the next day. I had to catch a flight to Singapore in the evening that day so I left for the airport straight from the the pier when the boat tour ended in Phuket.

I landed in Singapore late at night and headed to my school friend Arjun’s place, where i would be staying for the next 3 days. Arjun has been in Singapore for 10 years now and lives with his roommates in a nice condo on Tangjho Rhu road.

New experiences:
Speedboat ride
Snorkeling in transparent blue water
Swimming at pristine wind sand beaches

Travel Epiphanies (a bitter pill to swallow):
Sadly, waterproof phones are not resistant to salt water.

Phi Phi Pictures

 Next up: Singapore

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