Singapore – Day 1


For a person who had not done his homework on Singapore (like I said in my previous post I was “allowing the places to surprise me”),  day 1 here was filled with many firsts for me.

I decided to take the HOHO (hop-on hop-off) bus for sight seeing. I realized that it is a good option to consider if you want to see a new place, in case you don’t know what all you want to do there or don’t have someone to show you around. Surprisingly I covered a lot of ground in 1 day and saw most of the touristy stuff on the bus, including the new Marina Bay area,  Clarkey,  Orchard Road, little India,  St. Andrews church etc.

With my phone not working, I had no access to the Internet. Travelling without GPS, maps,  tripadvisor etc. in a new city was an exciting new adventure for me. Walking aimlessly through the remarkably preserved precinct of Chinatown and tasting local street food at the Maxwell Food Center was an unique experience in itself. I bought a new cheap phone from Chinatown complex to last me for the rest of the trip as it seemed that my Samsung phone was beyond repair. This was a big setback for me  because the damaged phone had an amazing camera and the camera in the new phone simply can’t be compared with that.

I met Arjun in the evening after he got free from work and we had delicious oriental food at a Michelin starred restaurant (Din Tai Fung) in Dhoby Ghaut. The pork wonton was lipsmackingly scrumptious.

Post dinner,  we went to see Gardens by the Bay and then took a really long walk  back home with views of the iconic Singapore skyline keeping us company. I must have walked about 15 km that day. On reaching home, I dozed off immediately.

New experiences:

  1. HoHo Bus tour
  2. Travelling without research and internet assistance

Food Trail:

  1. The Pork wonton at Din Tai Fung,  chicken dimsums,  egg rice and noodles.
  2. Chicken rice at the famous street food market called Maxwell Food Center.

Travel Epiphanies:

  1. Carry a back up phone in international travels.
  2. Walk regularly so that 10 to 15 km walks when touring a new city don’t suddenly come as a rude shock to your legs.

Singapore Pictures

Next up: Singapore – Day 2

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