Singapore – Day 3

Today I went to the Singapore Zoo.  It is located at the outskirts and it took me almost 2 hours to reach there via metro and bus.

The S’pore zoo is an unbelievably magical place. You get to see many kinds of animals from different parts of the world – crocodiles, Caribbean flamingo, orangutan, polar freakin’ bear, penguins, zebras,  giraffes,  kangaroos,  hippos, tiger, turtles and other reptiles. It took me half a day to cover the entire zoo. Although we read and know about variety within the animal kingdom but seeing so many species at one place hits home the message that man is but one among many that are more beautiful and magnificent in ways we cannot even imagine.

In the evening I met an ex-colleague and friend, Neha Verma, for coffee at Tiong Bahru Cafe in Orchard Road. She recently shifted to Singapore with her husband.

Later in the day, Arjun and I were supposed to go cycling at East coast park but we decided to just hang around in the neighbourhood instead. We went to the nearby Kallang mall and had some awesome sushi. We had a relaxed walk back home, traversing the river side corniche across a beautifully lit up bridge with mesmerizing views of the Singapore skyline.

New experiences:
Seeing zebra, giraffe, polar bear, penguin,  giant lizards,  puma for the first time in my life.

Travel Epiphanies:

Seeing a tiger inches away from you in the wilderness is way more thrilling than seeing one in a zoo.

Singapore Pictures

 Next up: Siem Reap, Cambodia

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