Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day 1

Singapore to Cambodia

Woke up late today because it ain’t a holiday if you can’t sleep till as long as you want to. I had no plans for the morning and decided to take it easy.

Arjun and his friend (also) Arjun Khanna  were accompanying me in the trip to Cambodia. Had a 2 pm flight from Singapore to the temple city of Siem Reap.

On landing in Cambodia, it seemed as though I was back in a rural province of India. A stark contrast from the modern metropolis that is Singapore, Siem Reap is a relatively poor town and feels like an average Indian city, full of tuk tuks. However,  it was still much cleaner than India and the local people were forever smiling.

One goes to Siem Reap to visit the Angkor Wat temples. After checking in our hotel (Lotus Blanc), we decided to visit the National museum first, as that would give us an insight into the history of the Angkor temples. The museum was quite modern, and had rich material on the Khmer dynasty,  whose Hindu rulers had built the Angkor temples between the centuries 10 to 13 AD. It was interesting to see how heavily this region was influenced by the South Indian culture,  language and religion. Vishnu,  Shiva and Brahma were the main divinities that were worshipped by the Khmer people in those days.

For tourists in Siem Reap,  apart from visiting the temples,  the other thing to do is to chill at the Pub Street, an area full of bars, loud music and street vendors selling everything from cocktails to fried snakes and spiders for eating!

We had happy pizza for dinner near the pub street and after a few drinks went back to the hotel to sleep since we had an early morning date with the famed temples.

Food trails/ New experiences:
“Happy” Pizza

Travel Epiphanies:

  1. USD is the unofficial currency of Cambodia – Everything is sold in USD and some ATMs even dispense cash in USD!
  2. Some places are so cheap that you tend to loosen your purse strings and consequently, end up spending a lot of money.

Siem Reap Pictures

 Next up: Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day 2

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