Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day 3

Both the Arjuns had their flights back to Singapore on this day, while I was going to be flying to Ho Chi Minh City the next day. As there was nothing much to do in Siem Reap apart from the temples and the pub street,  I felt like I had budgeted a day extra for this city and in hindsight should have probably flown to Vietnam today itself. Nevertheless, I took it as a day for rest and relaxation.

After having pizza at Red Piano on pub street,  whose USP is that Angelina Jolie used to hang out there during her shoot for the Tomb Raider movie, I also treated myself to a foot massage, which provided much needed respite to my legs after all the waking around. There are plenty of massage palours in Siem Reap,  similar to Thailand.

Arjun left by 5pm for his flight to Singapore. It was then that I was alone in the true sense for the first time in this trip. I had checked into to a hostel near the tourist area for one night. I was kind of anxious to see how its like to stay in a hostel,  as I had never stayed in a dorm before. The hostel I stayed in (Onederzs) was warm and clean, had good online reviews and had a friendly staff. Backpackers from various countries come together in an open environment and mingle, if they want to.  The hostel also had a nice pool with panoramic views of the city. After a swim, I stepped out for a beer and went to sleep early in my bunk bed.

New experiences:
Staying in a hostel

Food Trail:
Pepperoni pizza at Red Piano

Travel Epiphanies:

A little extra sleep hurts nobody.

Siem Reap Pictures

 Next up: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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