Meeting Uncle Sam: USA

USA 2017

We just finished our trip to the US of A and it was marvellous! From catching up with family members to seeing natural wonders of the world to gorging on sumptuous meals, our American holiday actually opened up a whole new side of this splendidly beautiful country to us.

We visited Chicago, Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Page, Zion National Park (impromptu but so worth it!), Las Vegas and San Francisco over a period of 2 weeks. The trip spanned across 5 of the 50 States in USA and we realized that we should have extended our trip by a couple of more days (or maybe even months).

A key takeaway for us was the realization that USA is truly the land of abundance. Just about everything, whether man-made or natural, is massive and beautiful. Be it the vast stretches of the Grand Canyon adorned with blissful solitude, the serpentine highways flanked by sandstone and limestone hills, the tall sky-scrapers in the cities rushing up to kiss the azure sky, the glittering billboards in Las Vegas surreptitiously trying to make you part with your money, the ginormous portions of lip-smackingly delicious food; everything leads you to admit that America is a bounteous beauty.

Other than sightseeing, we also got to catch up with family members in Chicago and San Francisco. The star of this reunion was our 8 month old nephew, Arin, so full of giggles and unfathomable burble. Visiting our relatives allowed us an insider’s view into the culture, history and the way of life typical to America, adding a deeper perspective to our otherwise superficial perception. For me, this meeting with Nik’s family was especially interesting as I could pick up on behavioural similarities of the Bahl-Suri clan. It is true when people say that families are like the branches of a tree, all growing in different directions but attached to a common root. We have definitely brought back happy memories of the time spent together – memories of delightful conversations (especially over home-made margaritas and chilled beer), of sharing a hearty meal with your kith and kin and recounting childhood stories, of fun-games being played by almost 30 year olds with a childlike fervour, of road trips, of hilarious translations of Hindi songs into English, of discovering common interests and exchanging notes about favourite authors – all of which will be cherished dearly.

Read on for the detailed photo-blog of our trip by following these links:

Picture Tour of our US trip – Part 1

Picture Tour of our US Trip – Part 2

Hope you love sifting through them as much as we loved living it up in real time.



6 thoughts on “Meeting Uncle Sam: USA

  1. So well expressed, waiting for more posts!


  2. The last comment is send by me Karina.


    1. karnikchronicles June 15, 2017 — 9:57 am

      Thank you Reshma😊 Photos will be out soon.


  3. Loved your way of expressing your feelings about visiting USA. Waiting for the photo


  4. Would love to see the pictures!


  5. Love the way you express yourself Karuna. Could really picture everything. Keep travelling and keep writing. Will wait for your photo blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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