Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is the historic town of the Cochin, which was ruled by the Portugese, the Dutch and the British (in that order), over a period spanning nearly 4 centuries. Naturally, every street of this neighbourhood resonates with rich history, architecture and the coastal way of life.

The ancient banyan trees in Fort Kochi are a sight to behold. They stand strong and tall in proof of this town’s living history.
The best way to explore Fort Kochi is to walk around its quaint cobbled streets…
…or you could cycle!
Where is the fort in Fort Kochi? It’s no longer there, but the discerning eye can still find a few remnants.
The fort walls may not be visible today, but the colonial buildings in Dutch and Portuguese architectural styles, which line the streets of Fort Kochi, remain well preserved.


The laid-back lifestyle of Fort Kochi.
Pondicherry may be famous for its yellow walled houses, but here they come in all colours..


…and grafitti…
…and vegetation!
Santa Cruz Basilica – originally built by the Portuguese in 1505, later used by the Dutch as an arms store, and demolished by the British in 1795 – only to be rebuilt in 1905.
St. Francis Church – the oldest European church in India. It housed the remains of Vasco da Gama, before they were moved to Portugal.
Moving on, Kerala has always been famous for its spices. In fact, much before the arrival of the Europeans, the spice trade brought Chinese and Arab travellers to Cochin.
The cantilevered Chinese fishing nets – an indelible mark left behind by the Chinese traders…
IMG_0890 (1)
…who found this land so similar to their homeland, they decided to name it Co-Chin (meaning like-China).
The fishermen at work in the morning…
…evaluating the day’s catch…
…before it hits the fish market and eventually…
…our stomach!
Loafing around the streets of Fort Kochi was more enjoyable in the company of our friends Eva and Nikhil from Bangalore.

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3 thoughts on “Fort Kochi

  1. Beautifully told (with a nice splash of history)!


    1. karnikchronicles January 30, 2018 — 5:48 pm

      Thank you, Swati 😊


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