Cultural Sojourn: Performing Arts

While in Kerala, we witnessed the colourful Kathakali (Indian classical dance form) and Kalaripayuttu (traditional martial arts) performances.


Kathakali dance is a combination of detailed facial expressions and hand gestures/ mudras for expressing various emotions and dialogues. The music and colourful costumes add character to the performance.

The artists applying elaborate make-up (made of natural colours) on their faces before the performance begins…
…and they are ready!




This is the traditional Martial Arts form of Kerala. It is said that the techniques of Kalaripayuttu were adapted into other martial art forms such as karate, Kung-fu, judo. Fought with weapons ranging from sword, shield, dagger, stick to bare hands, it is thrilling to watch and full of breathtaking moments (pictured below)!




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