NZ Days 1 – 2: Auckland and Hobbiton

Day 1: Auckland

After a total of 17 hours in flights and a fun 11 hour layover in Bangkok, we had arrived in New Zealand. We were tired but nothing that a warm bath and cuppa hot chocolate couldn’t cure. Soon we found ourselves gallivanting in the Central Business District of Auckland.

It was a Sunday and the city was celebrating an annual Christmas Parade. We missed the parade but got to watch some stage performance (a dance drama on Adam’s Family) at Aotea Square. We strolled around Auckland’s waterfront at Queen’s Wharf and ended the night with an early dinner at Viaduct Harbour.

Day 2: Hobbiton

After a hearty breakfast, we drove off to Matamata – made famous by LOTR as Hobbiton. Fun fact, the original movie set from the LOTR trilogy was not built to last. The current set was re-built for the Hobbit trilogy.

We reached the Shire’s Rest – the place from where the tour begins. This place works with a clockwork precision. You come, you check-in at the ticket counter; wait for a bus to arrive at your designated time slot and soon enough you will find yourself seated in a bus listening to Peter Jackson and the story of the Shire’s making.
We are going on an adventure!
One of the first little Hobbit Holes that you will see..cute stuff.
Here’s a famous one: home to the most loyal friend, the most optimistic companion and, of course, a lover of po-tah-toes – Samwise Gamgee. Check out the tiny hobbit clothes drying on the clothes-line.
Finally Bagend – No admittance except on party business! And bring some Old Toby 🙂
A view from Bagend. Can you spot the Green Dragon?
The tour ends at the Green Dragon where you get to taste the finest ale in Middle Earth 🙂
You can drink your fancy ales, you can drink ’em by the flagon.. But the only ale for the brave and true, comes from the Green Dragon.

We were two happy kids after the Hobbiton tour. With crushed apple Cider in our bellies and joy in our hearts, we drove on to our next destination – Rotoroa.

Post About Rotorua – Coming Soon!

For some helpful tips to plan your trip, read New Zealand – Kia Ora

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