Sun-kissed Beaches: Cherai

Kerala is home to some spectacular beaches, and the Cherai beach is one of them. It lies north of Kochi and is only an hour's drive away from there. We headed to our next destination, Munnar, from Cherai beach. Next Page:Misty Mountains: Munnar Previous Page: Fort Kochi

Backwaters: Alleppey

In Alleppey, we did not do the customary spend-your-day-in-a-houseboat routine. Instead we chose to stay at a resort overlooking the backwaters and took an hour long boat ride into the lake. Next Page: Cultural Sojourn: Performing Arts Previous Page:Misty Mountains: Munnar

Cultural Sojourn: Performing Arts

While in Kerala, we witnessed the colourful Kathakali (Indian classical dance form) and Kalaripayuttu (traditional martial arts) performances. Kathakali Kathakali dance is a combination of detailed facial expressions and hand gestures/ mudras for expressing various emotions and dialogues. The music and colourful costumes add character to the performance.   Kalaripayuttu This is the traditional Martial Arts... Continue Reading →

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is the historic town of the Cochin, which was ruled by the Portugese, the Dutch and the British (in that order), over a period spanning nearly 4 centuries. Naturally, every street of this neighbourhood resonates with rich history, architecture and the coastal way of life. ` Next Page: Sun-kissed Beaches: Cherai Previous Page:... Continue Reading →

Meeting Uncle Sam: USA

USA 2017 We just finished our trip to the US of A and it was marvellous! From catching up with family members to seeing natural wonders of the world to gorging on sumptuous meals, our American holiday actually opened up a whole new side of this splendidly beautiful country to us. We visited Chicago, Grand... Continue Reading →

2016 – the year of travel

Amid all the bad press 2016 is getting for being a turbulent year - Brexit,  Trump, global warming and pollution notwithstanding - it has personally been a good year travel-wise. We visited quite a few places this year for vacation, and before memory fades, here is a list of those places: Goa Ranthambhore Mumbai Samode... Continue Reading →

S.E. Asia 2016 – Solo trip of a lifetime!

Brief itinerary of the trip and the connections taken: Delhi-KL - Phuket (jump to: Phuket) Phuket-Singapore (jump to: Singapore) Singapore-Siem Reap (jump to: Siem Reap, Cambodia) Siem Reap-Ho Chi Minh city (jump to: Ho Chi Minh City) HCMC-Hanoi (jump to: Hanoi and Halong Bay) Hanoi-Delhi My first solo trip ever has been a trip of many... Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh City – Day 3

Cu Chi tunnels Cu Chi tunnels are a vast network of underground tunnels spanning about 200 kilometers across Vietnam and even into Cambodia. They were  dug by ordinary Vietnamese villagers and guerrilla warriors by hand between 1960 to 1975 during the Vietnam war. The tunnels were used by them for hiding from the US bombs and for... Continue Reading →

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