New Zealand – Kia Ora

We are back! After a two year hiatus, we are here to tell you stories from the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand.

It would be a massive under-statement to call New Zealand just another beautiful country. This is a stunningly gorgeous place, with a tad bit flair for drama. How else do you explain an un-ending array of smouldering volcanoes, formidable glaciers, enchanting fjords, rugged mountains, idyllic lakes, thundering waterfalls, rolling hills, vast plains with dancing trees, groovy colourful flowers, dark skies full of twinkling stars? The best part is that all these remarkable sights are within an easy reach from one another. What more does a rover want?

Like always, we will let our pictures do the talking. But before we move on, we have jotted down some useful information for you.

When did we go: They say every season in NZ has something to offer. We, however, decided to visit NZ at the crack of summer (November 23, 2019 – December 7, 2019). In the first week, the days were warm but pleasantly breezy; nights were definitely cold. In our second week of travel, it rained quite a bit and the wind was howling – refusing to let winter go. So, you should probably let summer settle in before you decide to visit.

Irrespective of when you travel, NZ is an island country and the weather is like a drunkard’s walk. You may rely on the forecasts but with a pinch of salt. So, in addition to your usual clothing, definitely carry wind-cheaters, an extra pair of beachwear (for the brave hearts – the glacial lakes were too icy for us!), gloves & mufflers (especially if you want to hike up the mountains or glaciers). Ah, and EXTRA sunscreen (even for your lips).

How did we travel: ‘Tis was a sweet joy ride. We only took flights to fly in and out of NZ and one internal flight to reach South Island from the North. All internal travel was by road. So cough up the money and get a good rental car.

Internet can be a bummer at some locations so download offline maps. Also, carry a spare phone and a battery charger. You see, in NZ the cliché “it is not the destination, but the journey” is actually true. You have to add at least 2-3 extra hours to the google maps designated time of travel. If you are a nature enthusiast or if photography is a hobby, you will definitely lose track of time. So be a boy scout – Be Prepared.

Food: NZ is quite cosmopolitan when it comes to food. We ate all kinds of cuisines – Vietnamese, Thai, Indian-Chinese, Italian. If you are a meat lover, you are sorted – salmon, pork, venison and of-course sea-food are all highly recommended. But our vegetarians friends shouldn’t despair either. There is something for every refined palate.

Itinerary: The rest of our posts on NZ will take you through our itinerary. We wanted to visit several other places, especially in North Island, but due to paucity of time, this was the most efficient choice of destinations for us.

Enough said. We will leave you to your virtual exploration of New Zealand. Happy reading!

NZ Days 1 – 2: Auckland and Hobbiton











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